Stylish, sophisticated, insightful and driven. With a refreshing yet exacting approach to real estate, she is able to seamlessly incorporate her background in development and the luxury market, particularly in the Birmingham/Bloomfield area, with her breadth of experience and reach living and working in the city of Detroit with Max Broock Realtors.

A passionate student of fashion, commerce, and culture Erica is immersed in trends without being defined by them. Her attention to detail and eye for design give her the edge and confidence that make her work style fresh, exciting and bold, but she never loses sight of the importance of authenticity, engagement and – ultimately – having a sense of humor!

Erica doesn’t take herself too seriously. What she does take seriously are the needs, goals, and expectations of her partners.  She has an astute eye for the intricacies and realities, as well as the unique opportunities, of this market.  At the end of the day, it’s all part of the hustle and all part of the job. Erica is a hybrid of sorts, she is a top producing real estate veteran who has immersed herself in the creative and social spaces that define the strategic direction of the industry.

Her goal is to bring a broader sense of lifestyle and a more integrated approach to the real estate world, not only by being a leading broker but by building meaningful relationships and creating a place for content, context, and community. This new paradigm for real estate goes beyond buying or selling property, it’s about building opportunities for collaboration to better express and articulate what quality of life really means to people in Detroit.

How does Erica measure success? It’s in connection and, ultimately, it’s reflected in trust. The trust that people put in each other, in their favorite brands and in their ideal surroundings. Trust builds relationships, and relationships are the new real estate.

You have a right to high standards, an uncompromising aesthetic, and the expectation of great style and service. Let Erica introduce you to real estate the way it should be. She knows the business, but most importantly she makes it her business to know you.






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