Mariah Torres, a pillar for the community and the creatives, is an entrepreneur, strategic community consultant, filmmaker and performing artist with over 10 years of experience working as a community and social servant within the Pittsburgh and New York communities. Mariah is a multifaceted creative visionary with the drive and nurturing abilities to elevate and inspire through her magnetic holistic lifestyle.

Growing up in the inner city of McKeesport, PA (right outside of Pittsburgh), Mariah faced the typical things that most youth face when living in lower to middle class urban environments; limited high-level educational and extracurricular resources. Not letting this limit her, as a young teen she began developing methods to combat these issues, becoming a tiny pillar for change within her community. Growing up, Mariah took interest in several things, from teaching herself to play the piano, to dance to film and even modeling - which acted as a side hustle for her throughout her teen years; she was a Jill of all trades. However, her interest in film is what led her to Point Park University.

While at Point Park, Mariah divided her time between studying Cinema Production and Digital Arts and working on set with various film companies to produce content for musicians and brands. Surprise, surprise, deep into her junior year, Mariah was shocked with news that she was pregnant and felt as if her dreams were instantly shattered. Things were very real now, nine months later, she had beautiful baby boy named Miliano, which became her driving force from there on. From here, Mariah began her journey into motherhood. With modeling being her most consistent source of income growing up, she moved to NYC with her best friend, thinking this would help provide the best life for Milano. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned, as she soon became homeless on the streets of Brooklyn. This didn’t break her though, after battling homelessness off and on for about 6 months, she had a breakthrough, and her and Jasmine found permanent housing . Using her writing skills, Mariah then co-founded a team of writers, producers and directors to produce a half-hour comedy sitcom based around Mariah’s homelessness experience, while leaving her working class family and traditional hometown behind. The show currently has sparked interest by well known directors and actors in the movie industry as well as civic and community leaders.

Mariah also recently launched “A Mental Shindig”, a conference style event curated to deliver lectures on the importance of mental stability as a creative. Mariah is committed to rebuilding the brains of those who struggle with having control of their own mind from the lack of activated teaching in schools, programs and households. After dealing with homelessness first hand, Mariah and her team also formed an initiative called #ArtistsEndingHomelessness, which encourages homeless people to evolve by providing them with resources to better create an educational foundation that will help them be marketable while going into the work field.

Mariah surrounds herself with a team of wise mentors, conscious creatives and innovative business professionals that share a mutual interest of pushing the community and culture forward through direct action. They are dedicated to building a new generation that is led by self-awareness and co-existing..”



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