Bettering The Lives Of Our Neighbors


We’re in the business of helping the people. We work with clients, communities and colleagues 24/7 to develop and implement innovative solutions to your most challenging community and real estate-based community issues.

NEW builds & renovations

We offer full real estate construction and renovation services, from lot selection, to home build and design, to full remodels. Or, if it’s just a small project, you can rely solely on Neu Legacy Builders to assist you throughout that entire process as well.

PROJECT + construction Mgmt

We direct and coordinate all activities associated with design & construction. All communication between the owner, contractors & design team are channeled through NLB to ensure quick, efficient decision-making & a single source of accountability.

interior & exterior design MANAGEMENT

We specialize in crafting visual stories that become signature surroundings. Guided by our clients’ aspirations and our team’s global experiences, we design spaces that allow our clients to fully express who they are, and what holds meaning to them.


Time is money, right? Traditional real estate channels aren’t always going to yield the best results. Our team of experts are ready to design and execute a unique, innovative strategy needed to properly launch, list and sell your (or your clients’) properties and new developments.


Our residential and commercial realty partners are some of the best across the country. They are passionate and serious about delivering exceptional client experiences. We offer a complete suite of real estate services to ensure that your needs are met beyond expectations.


We’ve partnered with local, reputable mortgage companies to service the community with industry-leading mortgage services for homebuyers, homeowners and commercial property seekers in need of adequate financing for purchasing and/or refinancing a property.